Wolves Legends

Fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves have seen a little bit of everything through the past seasons. Here, they share their best moments with the franchise as Minnesota steps into another season on the hardwood.

Linda & Lenny Axelrod

St. Paul, MN

Being a part of the Wolves family as been extraordinary. Throughout our entire involvement, we've always felt that we were a part of the team, and not "just a season ticket holder". The Fan Experience team has always been friendly, supportive, responsive, engaging and truly interested in us as fans and season ticket holders.

Company: CMC Justice Services, Inc.
Business Position: Owners
Favorite Memory: As I think back to the "first" year and win in the Metrodome, it was awesome. There were like 40,000 fans (or so, it seems), and people were rockin' and high fivin' as the Wolves did a number on Philadelphia. Each year has brought excitement and enthusiasm and a renewed focus on improvement and being in the playoffs.
Some of our favorite memories...

...Some of my favorite memories

Steve Cohen

Eden Prarie, MN

It seems like just yesterday that I ordered my first set of season tickets, and yet it is approaching 26 consecutive years as a season ticket holder. True, I’m a basketball junkie of sorts, so the ups and downs (mostly downs, as we know) have never really bothered me. I like the game and go to see other teams as much as the Wolves. But, the attempts the last few years to significantly upgrade the roster, the coaching, and the management have been noticeable and very much appreciated. Lastly, and perhaps most important, is I can’t say enough about the staff and the organization as a whole. Throughout my 26-year association, they have been totally focused on enhancing the customer experience with passion and devotion to the fan base. I have felt like part of the Wolves’ “family” for all these years.

Company: Strategic Leadership Collaborative, Inc.
Business Position: Founder and Principal
Company Website: StretegicLeadershipCollaborative.com
Member Start Date: The very first season, 1989, when games were played in the Dome.
Favorite Memory: Western Conference finals were truly exciting, although the small gathering “chalk-talk” with Kurt Rambis and attendance at both practices and rookie tryouts were loads of fun.

Bob & Patti Kordiak

Rochester, MN

Minnesota has long, cold winters, and the Timberwolves have provided a valuable outlet during those months. Even though we've had some lean times, I always look forward to heading downtown for a game. Watching them play in London was a gas, and road trips to Milwaukee (a great train ride) plus a preseason game in Fargo are great adventures!

Member Start Date: Plunked down a $100 per seat a year before they hit the Metrodome!
Favorite Memory: The Laker road playoff game when "pigs flew" and we won back in 2003. The game started at 10:30 local time and went on forever!!
Some of our favorite memories...

...Some of our favorite memories

Marc & Mary Terrass

Eden Prarie, MN

We’re lifelong basketball fans, and from the first game at the Metrodome, we were hooked on the Wolves. Over the past twenty-five years, not only have we had the opportunity to cheer for many very talented Wolves players, but we’ve also watched many NBA legends play the game, including Bird, Jordan, Magic, and Karl Malone. Today’s players are building their own legacies, and we enjoy watching them just as much.

Member Start Date: Inaugural game (November 8, 1989 vs Chicago)
Favorite Memories: Malik Sealy’s winning 3 point shot over the Pacers, every playoff game, Kevin Love’s 31-31 game, Ricky Rubio’s debut, and a trip with the team to Denver last year!


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